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First comic
First comic
oh my god,
so when i came here (jerusalem) i was given a three month visa, and it expires today. because i was planning on going back to the states sometime this week (which i am no longer planning on) i totally forgot about it. this morning i went to the ministry of the interior to apply for an extension. the place looks like a bloody prison, and people have to willingly go there all the time. all the people who work there are extremely rude and you have to wait for hours just ot get a place in line (my camera even got temporarily confiscated). its a lot like a dmv (department of motor vehicles) but it feels more fascist somehow. when i finally got to sit at the visa window and plead my case my stomach became one big lump of tense anxiety, because i wasn't asking to be allowed to drive or something, i was asking to allowed to stay in the country. if i was turned down and stayed none the less ('cuz my return ticket's not till august) i'd be illegally in the coutry, liable to be deported at any moment. every siren would summon that anxious lump in my stomach, every flashing light induce a tense sweat...and i was denied, because i didn't have sufficient information. yet to the best of my and my aunt's (she's worked for the u.n. for over 15 years here) knowledge i had everything i needed. oh well tomorrow i'm trying again with the asked for information, but tomorrow starts my hopefully short illegal residence aswell.
goal: $0 out of $200
well so basically i'm a broke college student and so i can't spend money on art gear, a new scanner would be really cool becasue my old one won't work with my new computer, the age difference is too great. yay annonimous donations!!
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